ladysarahjane (ladysarahjane) wrote in teaching,

What Makes a Great Novel Study?

Thank you so much for those you who responded to my previous post. You have given me some great titles that I haven't read before and reminded me of a few of my old favorites (Rash, Ender's Game) that I had forgotten about.

Last question (I promise), what do you think makes a great novel study/unit? I was talking to a few teachers about this this morning and found that all of us had differing opinions as to our list of "must haves" in a novel study. While we all agreed that vocabulary, comprehension, and an end of unit test were vital, some of us thought that journal entries were extremely important, while others thought that a menu board for an end of book project was more important.

So my question to all of you is: what do you like to see in your novel studies/guides? or what pieces do you think are absolutely critical (beyond the vocab, chapter questions, quizzes/tests) to include?

Thank you!
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